The Codel Business Manager (CBM)

We have been running CBM for seven years - CBM is amazingly powerful and has helped to transform our business.
— Barry, CEO Printing Print Print
CBM is at the heart of our business providing a level of granular control that simply wouldn’t be possible with other software packages.
— John Hancock, CEO Pet Life International Ltd
CBM’s powerful capability and immutable audit trail enforces true accountability - we can breeze through audit and satisfy any compliance.
— Dan, CEO Atlantic Optical Ltd

The Codel Business Manager (CBM) is an integrated enterprise resource planning, accounts management and production planning software application underpinned by the Codel digital notary ‘immutable’ audit trail.  The application provides support for all usual business management requirements (and more) but importantly, at strategic points (period ends, VAT Returns, Commission Runs etc.) the entire audit trail snapshot can be Codelmarked to provide auditors and third parties with proof that, since the snapshot, nothing in that data set has been changed, or can be changed without detection. This covers both accidental and deliberate amendment. No modification of data or potentially fraudulent activity can occur without it being detectable by reference to the immutable audit trail. So far as we’re aware, no other business management system offers this proof of integrity.

As a consequence, CBM not only helps to run businesses, but it also provides the most powerful proof available regarding compliance and audit discovery for auditors and regulators.

CBM is an application developed by the Codel digital notary’s co-founder, Mike Jacobs over a period of 15 years, to fill a gap in the market for a flexible, powerful and trustworthy accounts package.  Codel’s parent company, the Ascent Group has recently acquired 100% of the CBM and can now offer full sales, maintenance and support

CBM has been developed by the Ascent Group and is one of a number of applications based on the Codel digital notary software.

CBM has a growing user base of companies who want a more powerful and flexible application than traditional ERP and accounts software and which provides the peace of mind that compliance, audit, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance is built in.